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Tap Bracket - No-Drill Curtain Rod Tap-In Holders (1 Pair)

Tap Bracket - No-Drill Curtain Rod Tap-In Holders (1 Pair)

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These unique easy to install curtain rod brackets install in literally seconds, as they just tap right into your window frame.

The way it works is, you simply place it on the top corners of your window frame and tap it in with a hammer. It'll make two tiny holes the size of a thumb-tack, and by using the leverage of a bar that goes alongside the edge of the frame, it safely holds the curtain bar up with ease. Tap Bracket won't require you to level or adjust anything after installation as it'll always be as level as your window frame.


  • Fast and Easy - Installing traditional curtain hardware typically requires two people and much more time. With Tap Bracket you can hang curtains in minutes.
  • Minimal Tools Required - A hammer is all you need. Say goodbye to nails, screws, and drills for good.
  • Perfect Curtains Every Time - The brackets align to your window — no measuring or leveling necessary. Hang your curtains right the first time, guaranteed!
  • Zero Damage - Never ruin your walls again. Our brackets are easily removable and ideal for renters, frequent movers or anyone who doesn’t like wall damage.
  • Safe and Sturdy - Tap Bracket brackets support up to 20 pounds — durable enough for heavy drapes and safe for use in households with kids, families, and pets.

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