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TireSaver - Tire Puncture Sealing Nail

TireSaver - Tire Puncture Sealing Nail

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Never change a tire again or run on a flat tire with TireSaver - Tire Puncture Sealing Nail

Puncturing a tire on the road is never fun! TireSaver can help you seal off all the punctures in your tires without needing a toolbox nor an hour of headaches and repairs.

You don’t need to change your tire or call for assistance when it gets punctured, simply screw in TireSaver to seal off the hole in your tire and voila! You can safely drive with your punctured tire without worrying about leaks or performance issues!

TireSaver is durable enough to hold your tire together indefinitely and come in different sizes to help you stay easily prepared for big and small unexpected punches on the road!


  • Ready for the road - Take on the long road prepared, keep a couple of spared TireSaver with you to stay ready for unexpected troubles
  • Effortless operations - You don’t need a whole toolbox just to fix your tire, all you need is TireSaver and a screwdriver to make your tires operable again
  • Instant patch-ups - Instead of wasting an hour changing your tire in the middle of the road, quickly patch it up and continue on your journey
  • Loseless and leak-free - It adheres firmly into your tire to securely seal off the puncture without any air leak and safe to continue on the road without worry

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