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TowerGarden - 5 Tier Stackable Planter Set

TowerGarden - 5 Tier Stackable Planter Set

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Start gardening without limitations

Want to grow more plants but don’t have the space for it? TowerGarden allows you to grow and stack produce, herbs and flowers vertically so you always have the room for more!

The pots stack firmly on top of one another and create a wonderful aesthetic when you use them for flowers! Water flows freely to the bottom to make watering them all a breeze.

Even if you are confined to the indoors you can still grow produce or enjoy a lush vertical garden in your home. Gardening is so much easier when all your plants are together!


  • Garden Wih Minimal Space - Break free of the limitations of traditional gardening, fill your surroundings with as much vegetation as you wish
  • Live Organically - Now you don’t need a big garden to grow your own produce, cultivate as many fruits, veggies and herbs as you wish
  • Nature's Skyscraper - Not enough room for all your flowers, start stacking them as high as you wish to save space and enjoy a more beautiful view
  • Less Gardening - No need to go around the garden every day, easily water, harvest and maintain your plants’ health without taking away your time
  • Set of 6 - Comes wih 1 bottom tray and 5 stackable pots (each pot is equivalent to 4pcs regular pots)

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