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TrekkBuddy - Portable Adjustable Trekking Poles

TrekkBuddy - Portable Adjustable Trekking Poles

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The support every hiker needs!

Climbing your next mountain can be so much easier! Go on your hiking adventures with these trekking poles to give yourself balance, stability and confidence with each step you take.

TrekkBuddy foldable and telescopic design has automatic lock that pops into place when you extend it. Each telescopic pole collapses and folds for easy storage. The aluminum design is sturdy and solid but lightweight so it won’t strain your arms or shoulders. TrekkBuddy are made for the unbeaten path, using them you can alleviate tons of tension on your feet to move seamlessly through the otherwise exhausting terrain.

When you need to catch a breather, lock them in to find a stable spot from anywhere! If you don’t need them just deconstruct them and store them easily until the next challenge appears!


  • Climb Comfortably - Hit the trail with a second pair of legs, enjoy your hikes in nature while keeping a constant balance and stability
  • Lightweight Aluminum - These aluminum poles are strong but lightweight. With these feather-light poles, you can hike for long period of times without arm fatigue
  • Telescopic and Foldable - The telescopic design lets you pull the pieces of the pole apart. Then, just fold and secure the strap.
  • Reduces Knee Strain - Aside from added stability, these poles have anti-shock design to reduce the impact on your knees and arms
  • Tread Easily- The rough terrain will quickly exhaust you if you are not prepared, move easily through any obstacles you come across with TrekkBuddy - Portable Adjustable Trekking Poles

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