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TriRide - Interchangeable 3 In 1 Children Scooter

TriRide - Interchangeable 3 In 1 Children Scooter

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The Perfect Riding Playmate For All Children!

Your kids will always have a choice of what to ride when playing with TriRide - 3 In 1 Children Scooter. Within seconds it can transform into a scooter, tricycle, or balance bike. Making the perfect all-in-one playmate for kids across the globe.

Made for safety and convenience it has a comfy seat and reliable breaks for protection. The sturdy materials keep TriRide durable and stable. Ensuring maximum safety for your children. Super easy to adjust and folds down in seconds. Making it super easy to place anywhere without taking up a  bunch of space.

Toddlers and young children will love to ride on any of the three models TriRide features. Innovative and sleek, it will never get old for your children.


  • Innovative Design - Use TriRide as a scooter, tricycle, or even a balance bike. Making it the perfect all-in-one playmate for any kid in just a few seconds.

  • High Quality - The comfy seat and sturdy materials make TriRide a reliable and convenient toy. Each rear wheel has a safety break. Ensuring your kid's safety when riding.

  • Great Fun - Toddlers and young children can enjoy riding this interchangeable toy on the go.  Whether they're outside,  in the house, or even on the back porch TriRide will never lose their interest.

  • Durable Construction - Premium build using aluminum alloy frame and nylon composite parts to withstand shock and years of rough playing by children. The seat comes with soft padding for a comfy ride.

  • Easy Interchange - With a push of a couple buttons, you can easily fold the seat down and turn the scooter into a tricycle. Easily adjust the rear wheels width according to skill level. Just snap on the quick-change pedals and ready to ride the trike. Detach the pedals and put the rear wheels together and the ride becomes a balance bike or walk trainer.

  • Grow with Your Kid - Designed with adjustable handlebar and wheel to accommodate your growing child. Rear-wheel width 8.6"-11.4" and Handlebar height 22"-26"-30"

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