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TwirlStix - Drumstick Control Clip (1 Pair)

TwirlStix - Drumstick Control Clip (1 Pair)

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Enhance showmanship, control & playability with TwirlStix - Drumstick Control Clips!

TwirlStix is an attachment for drumsticks - designed to enhance showmanship, control, and playability for all drummers regardless of age and experience. It increases speed and agility while enhances visual style and showmanship. The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue while preventing drop sticks, yet virtually invisible when in use!

TwirlStix is manufactured using a comfortable rubber material that allows easy attachment to virtually any size drumstick from 7A to 2B, as well as most mallets and marching sticks. The natural feel allows for a normal match grip and placement along the sticks fulcrum point, ideal for practicing rudiments.  Ideal for those players suffering from arthritis and other hand and joint ailments.


  • Simplicity of controlling a drumstick 
  • Flexibility of switching between various sizes of drumsticks (portability) 
  • Increased velocity and force of playing Increased control of playability, Support, Expression, and Balance 
  • Versatility of playing styles 
  • Maneuverability without dropping your sticks 
  • Controlled pressure while playing 
  • Gives a central pivot point (fulcrum point) for consistent playability 
  • Beneficial for elite drummers to beginners
  • Improve your rudiments (or even the Moeller technique)
  • Easy to install, just slide it into and out of the end of the drumstick

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