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Viking's Dart - Medieval Small Viking Axe Throwing Game

Viking's Dart - Medieval Small Viking Axe Throwing Game

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Why throw tiny little darts at a dartboard when you can throw tiny real axes instead?

This cool new Viking's Dart - Medieval Small Viking Axe Throwing Game includes a sack filled with 3 small yet very sharp Viking style throwing axes and a round wooden target made from a tree with a bulls-eye in the center, hanging rope and set of screws. It's just like darts, except you're heaving miniature  axes that land with a much more satisfying"thunk".

Don't let their size fool you, the axes are still super sharp with plenty of heft to them. And after extensive play-testing, we can confirm that they are exceedingly satisfying to throw! So brush up on your medieval fighting techniques by keeping your aim sharp with this game. The set comes with everything necessary to set up a small axe throwing arena in your own backyard.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your best mates, get the mead flowing, the mutton roasting and the axes flying!


  • All the thrill of axe throwing, in a pint-sized package
  • You'll never play darts again
  • Includes three tiny axes forged by Thor's blacksmith
  • Chunky wooden stump target with handy hanging rope
  • Comes with a hessian sack to stow away your miniature weaponry
  • Bushy beard and horned helmet sold separately
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