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WallGlam - Aesthetic Scenery Photo Collage Stickers (50 Sheets)

WallGlam - Aesthetic Scenery Photo Collage Stickers (50 Sheets)

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Scenery Set

Transform Every Wall Into A Pinterest-Worthy Scenery

A perfect harmony of colors and images make any space feel more positive and calm. WallGlam - Aesthetic Scenery Photo Collage Stickers let you build a collage filled with aesthetically pleasing images in the comfort of your own home.

Each set consists of 50 sheets of different images that boast a gradient of vibrant colors. Whether you enjoy a striking blue, a calming green, or an eye-catching red, WallGlam's got it all for you!


  • Aesthetically Pleasing - If you love to admire the beauty of nature, then WallGlam is perfect for you. Each set is filled with a wide selection of images that will keep you calm and satisfied.
  • Easy Set Up - Each page from the WallGlam comes with a sticker backing so that you can attach it to any surface with ease. Whether you stick it to a notebook, table, or wall, it will make anything more beautiful and eye-catching.
  • Vibrant Colors - WallGlam comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose the perfect one for you. Create a wall of beauty with WallGlam!
  • Use Anywhere - WallGlam is not just perfect for your walls, but it is great as a bookmark or for decorating small items. Get creative with its fantastic designs and wide range of colors!
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