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WallVee - Creative Round Wall Mounted Vase

WallVee - Creative Round Wall Mounted Vase

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Create a stunning centerpiece for any room with WallVee - Creative Round Wall Mounted Vase

WallVee minimalistic vase brings your home in touch with nature in the most creative way possible. It’s the perfect way to bring life around a bland home! 

Like a blank canvas, WallVee is beautiful and empty, ready to display the plant life you choose to put in. When finished, nature’s beauty will grip not only the walls but your heart as well! It instantly enriches the atmosphere around you with life without taking space out of the room. Transform your home’s aesthetics with the help of nature and a modern touch of finesse!


  • Achieve Domestic Tranquility - Spread nature’s gifts all around the walls to create a tranquil environment where you will feel at peace!
  • The Centerpiece of Beauty - WallVee's modern and minimalistic look can find ample space in all your rooms and become the center of attention!
  • Design Your Masterpiece - For the lovers of art, you can design your own lively decor. The vases are a blank canvas you can fill with anything!
  • Fill With Anything You Want - Appease your taste for beauty by setting a perfect modern look to your walls around the house. Fill it with colorful stones, collections, soil and plants of your choice

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