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Wearablanket - Wearable Lazy Quilt with Sleeves

Wearablanket - Wearable Lazy Quilt with Sleeves

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For sure you will always want an extra 10 minutes of time in your bed before getting up when you tried this Wearablanket. This is the most comfortable quilt you can ever find. No more worries about your arms getting cold as they always come out of the blanket. Wearablanket was designed with sleeves where you can slip your arms inside for the ultimate comfort experience! 

Work on your laptop, check your smartphone or read a book comfortably without getting your arms outside of the blanket. Feel warm all throughout with this quilt! From the name itself ‘lazy quilt”, you will surely feel lazy getting up.

This is the perfect blanket during winter! You can relax on your sofa while watching a great movie and get up without the need to get out of the blanket. You can stand up and sit around anywhere in your home with your blanket on! You can bring this too on your next camping trip!

  • Versatile - You can wear it with sleeves or just use it as a usual quilt
  • Warm and Soft - Made with high-quality blend of special materials that keep the heat inside and gives you the soft and warm feeling. Wearablanket is super soft and really gives warmth during the cold weather.
  • Comfortable - Not only this blanket will keep you warm but it also will make you feel it as the most comfortable among any blanket you already had. It is not too heavy which is just perfect to use even when worn with sleeves.
  • Perfect Size - Wearablanket is approximately 5 feet x 6.56 feet, a perfect size to use as a regular quilt, comforter or blanket and to wear it around the house.

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