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WeightBag - Crossfit Muscle Training Power Bag

WeightBag - Crossfit Muscle Training Power Bag

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Who said staying at home means getting unfit?!

Stay in shape from the comfort of your home with WeightBag - Crossfit Muscle Training Power Bag.  Pick your size, fill to desired weight and lift. It is really that simple!

WeightBag is a versatile training tool that can enhance any workout. It's a fantastic substitute for a medicine ball, kettlebell or barbell. Each bag comes with 4 pcs inner sacks which you can fill with sand, aggregate, old clothes, or other materials. Total weight can be adjusted according to the number of inner sack you put into it.


  • High-Quality and Heavy-duty Construction - Crafted from high-quality Maya hide leather and stress-tested to failure. The reinforced build resists wear and tear (so you can use it over and over again)
  • Multi-handled - Constructed with Nylon handles that will refuse to split, fray, or tear. The multiple soft-grip handles mean you can train in multiple ways.
  • Outdoor & Indoor - Fully waterproofed means you can use it indoors or outdoors.
  • Many Ways to Train - Perfect for weight lifting, running, powerlifting, functional workouts, muscle building, fat burning, and cardio.
  • Get Results Faster - Suitable for muscle building, fat burning and achieving utmost agility. Achieve improved grip strength as your body is forced to use different grip strategies depending on the lift. Improve your torso strength and movement as you create amazing rotational drills to create a range of motion that conventional gym workouts cannot provide.
  • Package Inclusion -  1 power bag, 4 small inner sacks, 4 damp-proof clear cover bags
Weight (kg) Length (cm) Diameter (cm)
5 37 16
10 48 18
15 52 20
20 60 21
25 63 22


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