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WipeDry - Multifunctional Glass Cleaning Tool With Water Collector

WipeDry - Multifunctional Glass Cleaning Tool With Water Collector

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Clean windows without streaks and drips with WipeDry - Multifunctional Glass Cleaning Tool With Water Collector!

For the first time in the history of window cleaning, you can now clean without worrying about the water mess. WipeDry is designed with unique, silicon blade that dries surfaces without creating drips and streaks, by guiding the dirty water into the integrated water tank/collector. It provides fast and efficient cleaning without getting your hands wet or leaving messy drips.

It is designed to dry glass and smooth surfaces without effort and is safe to use on all types of material. WipeDry consists of a silicone wiper blade with a water conveyance channel/drip tray on one side. It provides quick, easy, residue-free, and streak-free cleaning, allowing your surfaces to dry almost immediately!

This set also comes with a handy microfiber washer and a long pole to reach those high windows and hard-to-reach areas. Only water and detergent are needed, just like a professional window cleaner. The highly flexible blade is suitable for windows, mirrors, shower screens, curved glass, car glass, bench tops, laminates, tiles and even on floors.


  • Excellent value pack, containing everything you will need to get your windows and glass areas sparkling clean.
  • A revolution in window cleaning. Clean windows with simple downward strokes. No professional technique required. Leaving no side streaks or drip marks.
  • Contains an integrated watertank, no messy drips.
  • Flexible blade for curved and straight glass.
  • Suitable for delicate surfaces such as tinted glass, car paint, TV screen and cafe blinds.

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