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WitchCrow - Halloween Witch Coven Decoration Set

WitchCrow - Halloween Witch Coven Decoration Set

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Nothing says "Halloween" like a trio of spooky witches ominously loitering and having some rituals in the yard. 

When Halloween comes you need to be prepared with the spooky ornaments. And what better way to set the scary vibe than inviting the menacing witches for some rituals at your lawn or porch.

Not only do they look spooky they flash lights and scream magical curses when their sensors detect passers nearby. Every guest will get treated with a spook! Just stake them to the ground and watch everyone tremble when they come to life! 


  • Bewitch the Yard - Covered in waspy robes, the menacing witches bring the spooky vibe with them. Stake them to the ground and watch them conjure their next spell.
  • They Come to Life - TheCoven greets the visitors with horrific screams and illuminating lights when they get near to give them a great scare!
  • Safe from Water - Totally safe to use outdoors. The hat and fabric are made from waterproof fabric. Water won't reach the light and sound components.
  • No Cord Battery Operated - Uses 3 AAA batteries for no cord operation and also lasts long.

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