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WoodDrop - Photography Woodprint Backdrop

WoodDrop - Photography Woodprint Backdrop

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Create a photo studio at home instantly!

Take your photography to a new level! Create the perfect background for all your themed photos right at home with the most realistic backdrop that you can instantly set up.

  • WoodDrop is a collection of beautiful and realistic wood backdrop printed on either vinyl or polyester fabric. It gives you endless ways to make the perfect photo. Each shot is indistinguishable from the wood type it’s mimicking.

Bring out the full beauty of all your shots, create your photography set instantly anywhere for any occasion or needs!


  • Nothing screams more “amateur” than a basic background, turn any plain picture into a professional one
  • High resolution digital print with eye-catching details and lifelike colors. The wood pattern will give you a sense of reality
  • Suitable for all kinds of theme photography, activities, family, festival, home, wedding, clubs, schools and more
  • Great for DIY home photography, wall decor, product display and video shoot.
  • Great for still life shooting, make your photos unique immediately.


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