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ZipSlider - Ziploc Slide Out Fridge Organizer

ZipSlider - Ziploc Slide Out Fridge Organizer

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The ZipSlider - Ziploc Slide Out Fridge Organizer is a new device that allows you to connect all of your cheese bags and Ziploc leftover bags into a sliding holder to easily be able to organize and access all of the bags with ease. Even the ones in the back!

The way it works is, you attach the sliding rails to the bottom of one of your refrigerator platforms, then simply attach all of your bags into the provided slots, and you can easily pull them out using the handle in the front. The telescoping sliders allow you to fully pull all of the bags out of the fridge to easily access all of them.

The ZipSlider not only works in the fridge, but you can also use it in your pantry to access small bagged items that don't need to be refrigerated like nuts, snacks, cereal, etc. Just attach it to the bottom of one of the dividers in your pantry.

  • Helps in keeping your food fresh longer, organized and easy to access
  • Smart way of using your fridge space
  • Avoid unorganized leftover food and snack in your refrigerator
  • Easily slides out to access all the food bags installed into it
  • Easy installation, no tools needed
  • 14 slots to hold assorted food bags & packs

  • Secure and holds up to 20 lbs.
  • Also perfect for organizing and storing food in cabinets, craft items for kids, and nuts bolts and screws in the garage. The possibilities are endless.

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